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Welcome to The Class Struggle forum! Please check in here when you arrive

Please check in when you sign in for the first time


  • edited September 2021
    Hi, I understand that forum planning is done this way. Make a generic forum and then open it up to community input so we can use this for planning - I just put it on one of the spare domain names to get started. 

    We are using our own server space and open source software for this site

    Please let me know what you would like to see or ideas for improving the site.

    As far as "Categories" go, only an admin can edit these unfortunately and there can only be one level of subcategory below the categories.  I will put more categories up as needed.  Any member can start discussions or comment.   

    The site is being built from the ground up and will rely on participation.  Hope to see you back early and often.  


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